About BCC

Boston Community Cooperatives

Boston Community Cooperatives (BCC) is a non-profit organization formed to build community through cooperative living, member education, neighborhood improvement and collective action. Members participate in a group-equity model of communally owned, democratically controlled and affordable
residential cooperatives.

Structure and Vision

BCC formed in 2001 to be an umbrella organization to provide infrastructure to housing cooperatives. Inspired by similar organizations across North America, BCC aims to own multiple housing cooperatives, and to eliminate duplication of energy to allow the group-equity cooperative housing sector to expand and serve more people.

BCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit that currently owns one house — Seedpod, a 12 bedroom house located near Field’s Corner in Boston. We are currently talking with other coops in the Boston area about joining forces, and hope in the next few years to expand to multiple houses.

BCC and the Cooperative Movement

BCC is an active member of NASCO (North American Students of Cooperation), an organization which provides support and networking for group-equity cooperatives across North America. Group Equity, unlike other cooperative structures, maximizes the accumulation of equity in the cooperative as an
organization, rather than in the individual members. NASCO coops are able to both maximize affordability and expansion by retaining equity for the organization in perpetuity.

BCC and NASCO are situated within the global cooperative movement that reaches all sectors of the economy, including producer-owned coops (e.g. agriculture, crafts), worker coops (e.g. taxis, bike mechanics, print shops), and consumer coops (grocery stores, utilities, credit unions). See the resources page for more information about the coop movement.

Joining BCC

BCC is an umbrella organization, not a house — so the best way for individuals to join is to apply to one of our houses (currently just Seedpod). If we don’t have an opening or our house doesn’t suit your needs, we encourage you to look into other existing coops in the Boston area. You might also be interested in starting a new coop (see the resources page for some more info on starting a coop).

If you are an existing coop, we would love to talk with you about joining forces. Please contact us about working together! By joining BCC, coop houses will not only be able to better economize tasks like bookkeeping and property management, but will also be able to focus more energy on strengthening coop movement. As they say, the whole is more than the sum of the parts!