The board of BCC is elected by (and from among) the membership of BCC.  All residents of the houses owned by BCC (Currently Seedpod and Canopy) are members.

BCC handles all of the business of Seedpod Co-op that might normally be done by a landlord.  BCC holds the mortgage on the house, coordinates the capital improvements, and works to further our organizational mission. The BCC board is elected annually by our membership. Current board members include:

Amanda Gutowski
Jessica Sedan
Joel Wool
Milourdes Augustin
Dananai Morgan
Amethyst Carey
Jasmine Hall
Anne-Maria Vaduva

Advisory Council:

Sam Wechsler, Institute for Policy Studies

Samantha (“Sam”) Wechsler joined the Advisory Council of BCC in March of 2014. She is the former director of Bikes Not Bombs, a non-profit organization in Boston, Massachusetts, and the founder and former director of Voces de Cambio—the first all-girls after-school program in Guatemala designed to combat racism, discrimination, and machismo through writing, photography, and other forms of creative expression. Sam currently serves as the Associate Director of the Program on Inequality & the Common Good at the Institute for Policy Studies, and she coaches activists who are working toward systemic, transformational change. She has been practicing Vipassana meditation for more than 10 years. A devoted practitioner of Vipassana meditation, Samantha is particularly interested in the intersection between spirituality and social justice, and seeks to integrate the two in ways that contribute to individual and collective liberation.

Edgar Klugman, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus of Early Childhood Education and Care, Wheelock College

Edgar Klugman, Ed.D. is a Professor Emeritus of Early Childhood Education and Care at Wheelock College in Boston, MA, one of the nation’s premier training institutions for early childhood and elementary educators. A policy development specialist, Dr. Klugman’s career and life interests are rooted in a basic concern for the welfare of the community and each member’s connectedness to something meaningful. He believes that cross-fertilizing ideas among people who might otherwise not engage with each other is central to finding the ever more creative approaches we need to live satisfying and productive lives.

Grounded in his life experience as a Jewish child in Nazi Germany, a kindertransport escapee at age thirteen, and later a husband, father, grandfather, teacher, principal, Wheelock College professor, author, field curriculum specialist with Columbia University in Afghanistan, community leader, and mentor to many, he is a social innovator who sees exciting possibilities where others see intractable problems.

Since his retirement, he has created two different organizations:  (1) Playing for Keeps (playingforkeeps.org), a national not-for-profit that lead efforts to promote better outcomes for children through increasing their access to healthy, constructive play; now a Leadership Initiative of the Association for Children’s Museums, and (2) a more informal, still-in-formation Boston-area group that is investigating intergenerational living in caring communities as a way to expand life choices for community members at each life stage.

Theo Horesh, Author, former cooperative organizer and social entrepreneur

Theo is a former cooperative organizer and social entrepreneur. He is the founder of the Chrysalis Cooperative, a residential community in Boulder, Colorado. He spearheaded the drive to start the Boulder Cooperative Market, a mid-size storefront food cooperative. And he has served on four boards of directors as President. From his college days, when he successfully lead campaigns to create an Environmental Studies program at the State University of West Georgia and to implement a core course in Environmental Studies in the university system of Georgia, he has focused on education. The founder of several dialogue groups, he has started and hosted two podcasts, “Global Minds” and “Conscious Business,” focusing on depth dialogue with leading thinkers. And he is the author of two books, scheduled for release in May, 2014: Convergence: The Globalization of Mind and The Inner Climate: Global Warming from the Inside Out. He now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is at work on two more books.